RING 1.5 : version history

Version Release Date Comments & known problems


(build 150)



05 May 05


Final stable release.

Known problems:

See this list of known bugs in version 1.5.


-'Theory & Modelling Guide', detailing the underlying theoretical basis of RING and providing advice on modelling bridges, is now distributed with RING 1.5. 

-all known RING 1.5 beta2 problems (listed below) fixed



1.5 beta 2

(build 120)



17 Sept 04


Second beta release. 

Known problems:

-difficult to edit user-defined shape for span 5 due to user-interface glitch (also property editor error if all 6 spans specified as user-defined)

-problem when inter-ring constraints specified in multi-span arches containing multi-rings

-when all the specified load is applied off the bridge, but some dispersed load reaches the structure, this dispersed load in some cases erroneously scaled up (leading to highly over-conservative estimates of bridge strength)

when all the specified load is applied off the bridge, and no dispersed load reaches the structure, program crashes


-all known RING 1.5 beta problems (listed below) fixed

-This release also includes better automatic control (and user override) of the amount of deformation in the collapse mechanism displayed on-screen.



1.5 beta

(build 101)



11 Mar 04


First beta release.

Known problems:

-aborting an analysis (e.g. by clicking 'Abort') sometimes does not work correctly, causing program to fail.

-program fails when backfill elements are present in a multi-span analysis and when adjacent arches have very different thicknesses.

-'No such file/path' error reported if zero fill depth at crown.

-a numerical precision problem sometimes leads to solutions not being obtainable by the optimiser.

-zooming out sometimes leads to an error plotting arch message.

New features in RING 1.5 (pdf)


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