RING 1.1 : version history

[N.B. this version has now been superceded]

Version Release Date Comments & known problems

1.1 (rev. 3)



Jan 02


Current Version

Program fails when more than 2 rings specified in span 2 - now fixed in release available for download from today (1.1 rev. 3b

New version released. Now works efficiently under Windows XP. Numerous other minor bug fixes and enhancements; hence 'beta' tag dropped. 

Enhancements include:

-Obtrusive black solver console window now hidden (though still accessible if necessary) when using Windows NT/2000/XP. In the case of Windows XP this may increase speed of operation.
-Smoother zooming in and out. The whole bridge is now always initially framed on screen (also preventing cropped images from being in the report output). View options (e.g. thrust line on/off?) now take effect immediately.

Bugs fixed include:

-deleting a selected load case didn't always work properly

-program failed without warning if more than 6 vehicles were entered in the library or if the number of blocks in a ring greatly exceeded the number of blocks in the outermost ring

-when using the 'New bridge' option, sometimes information from the previously accessed file was carried over into new file

-Incorrect text labels on inter-block constraint table (Advanced property)

-when a multi-span arch with user-defined profiles and finite compressive strength was specified, crushing calculations for the block immediately adjacent to a pier-head sometimes incorrect (crushing underestimated)

-Sometimes a converged solution was erroneously reported to have been found when the specified iteration limit had been reached

Other changes:

-Default values of unit masonry weight etc modified slightly following extensive use of the program in practice


1.1 beta 2



Apr 01


Current users should upgrade to the latest version.

Problem affecting certain operating systems / regional settings combinations - leading to "type mismatch error" message - now fixed in release available for download from today (1.1 beta 2d
New version released. All version 1.1 beta 1 problems now believed to have been rectified. Additionally, the inter-ring constraint feature is now available and RING's handling of iterative analyses has been improved (an iterative analysis is required if finite masonry crushing strength is specified).

1.1 beta 1



Jan 01


First public release. 

Current users should upgrade to the latest version.

The following are known bugs in RING 1.1 beta 1:
-only the first 250 interfaces are read into RING following an analysis; all remaining hinge deformations are not properly interpreted or plotted
-the position of the line of thrust printed in the report output is actually one edge of the zone of thrust, rather than the centre of this as it should be (when finite masonry strength has been specified)
-unexpected results may occur when point loads with small or zero dispersion angles are specified
-no error message is provided if PCx fails to produce a solution. There is also the possibility that a previous (successful) analysis result could then erroneously be re-read into RING, misleading the user
-RING crashes if the user attempts to write to a read-only drive
RING has been found not to function correctly if the Windows decimal point is set to be a comma (this is the case for many non-English regional PC setups). A permanent fix will be posted in due course, but in the mean time this problem can be overcome by doing the following prior to running RING:
- Select Start/Settings/Control Panel
- Click on the Regional Settings icon and then on the Number Tab
- Now change the decimal symbol from a comma (,) to a dot (.) and click apply.

1.0 alpha

(various builds)



Aug 99 onwards


This release was only made available to a limited number of users. 

Numerous enhancements, fixes etc. have since been made. Current users should upgrade to the latest version.

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